Here is a sample of just four of our online songs available to all our members.
In addition to these we have all the remaining polecat songs - there are twelve of them as well as another 25 songs that form our repertoire..
Lastly, we have a number of Christmas songs for the festive season.

Why not come along to one of our rehearsals? You can sample some of the enjoyment we have in singing these and other songs...

Please take a look at our Diary. We rehearse every Thursday - and often pop along to the pub for a beer and more singing! We love it!

The Music
 Barbershop Standards
 Current Christmas Songs
 Sing-out Repertoire
 Beneath Lights of Home



Date What's New Who did that then?
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Many thanks to Peter for all the effort in providing these updates ... any support is really appreciated... Please send any Intros, or Video links to me at

Latest Updates
Music Library Help
Music Library Help


Welcome to the Clwyd Clippers Music Sample Library.

To use this library is, hopefully, intuitive, but to be sure - just follow these steps:

  • Select a song from the list on the left.
  • Select the part that you wish to hear. If you want to hear all four parts - just click on the song title itself.
  • Once selected, you will see:
    • This  guidance - you can review it again by clicking on the arrows to the top right.
    • Six buttons:
      • Play Audio. If you have Windows Media player installed, this will play the file.
      • Play Slower Audio. If it is available, this will play a teaching track for you to 'get the words' and Musical Notes.
      • Music Sheet This will display a copy of the sheet music. Please note that you will NOT be able to print this out - that's a copyright infringement.
      • Choreography File. Where available, this will allow you to download the various steps and movements associated with a song.
      • Download Audio. If you want to download the teach track to your DVD or CD, press this button!
      • Download Slower Audio. Download the audio track.
      • Words Only. When available, this PDF file contains just the words.
    • Introduction and History notes.
      If you are introducing the song. Here are some notews in a PDF file to help you along.
    • Musical Notes
      Having the Words and Music is just the start of your understanding a song. Here the musical notes to support the meaning and delivery of the song to the highest quality.
    • Other Links
      If there any internet references that may be of use - YouTube entries, links to music sites etc... This is where they go.
    • Video
      There is often a video available to view. Either from another Barbershop group, or our own.

I hope that answers all your immediate questions. Should you need any further help, please don't hesitate to contact me at